Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Luahan.. :l

Assalamualaikum B..

Dear my new year 2016 please be nice to me.. Huhuhu..

My dear husband, thank you for everything. I know how suffer U face this world without ur family. We don't know what will happen in our future. N we will never know unless it happen. As a servant of Allah, son, brother, husband, father, friend and else.. U r already be the best..

Yesterday heard U will travel to Terengganu in this week and today heard U will travel to oversea for 2 years..

Allah knows best. 

How U cheerful my day..

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Bye My 2015.. And Welcome My Awesome 2016..

Assalamualikum b.. My comel..

Alhamdulillah 2015 fulfilling with exciting and unforgettable moment.
There were a fair share of happiness, joy, tears and anger.

 Nothing that I wanted. Only a good health for my whole family and more happiness in life. Allah fulfilled it. Alhamdulillah. 

I still remember. On last year on today date.. I still separate with U.. This year syukur U r here..

Tq my encem Prince and 2 buok Princess to accepted me as your one in your world. I'm really2 appreciated it so much. 
  People come n go. Some stay while some go. U can't grab hold everyone. Even U want it so much. 
2015 has been really meaningful for me. It may not have been so smooth sailing but it sure make me more strong a lot. Every time I learn something new. Thank you to those whom have always supported me in any decisions I make. Always hoping I choose the best for myself, regardless of what it may implicate on you. You know who you are, I don't need to name. I don't express much but it does not mean I don't appreciate. Or rather, sometimes I just don't know how to best show my appreciation. Never control someone's life just like how you don't wish to be controlled.

The best wish ofcoz to my creator. Thank a lot Allah.

I wish u olls had an awesome 2016 and happy new year.