Friday, 31 January 2014

Congrats Again n Again b

Mood : Thankful, grateful n happy.

Assalamualaikum b.
Wardah, Wana n I just want to say deepest congrats Daddy.
We really proud of U. 

We always suport u here b. 
B patient, strong n power there ya.


Love this pic.
Wardah learned a lot without u here, she became more matured n patient person.
All the things when she need u, she wil say

"It's okay, Mommy kan ade"

Azam's Idol is this super hero man "Abah". 
Thanks God.

When ur gone, the piece of my heart r missing u..
Suddenly, teringat lagu Avril Lavigne..

There's nothing any better feeling for me than being so proud of U my dear. U had proof to me that U r so dedicated at ur work n highly trusted for the company. So by olls means, U deserve. Admire U a lot for that. I guess a lot of his colleagues do too. Today when U called me on phone told with full of enthusiasm that U has a news for me n immediately said it's sort of a good news. I was then pretty sure that it's really a good news and I got so excited to meet U now. 

He is so cute for me, he will never can wait to inform me any excellent words. I was so happy n happy n happy now my dear. Only god know what that I felt that time until now. It's really something that I could really be proud of U. Most importantly I am proud of U because U is a great man I ever known in my entire life. 

Me n my gorgeous.

 Not only smart in intellectual way but also smart in upholding his existence in life not only for himself but to others Insyaallah.. Amin.. Indeed, I am happy and proud to have a husband like U. That's really made my day! 
I'm proud of you my Sweetheart.. 
I love you so much.

♥sweet note♥: 
Indeed Allah is real. Allah knows the desire of our hearts. If all what us doing is praying n yet nothing happen, maybe we need to know more about ourself, understand what's wrong with ur decisions n start making new patterns of our life positively n expect for a real change. 

Thanks God.
Love.. Love.. Love..

Note : Tomorrow morning will go to Cik Mala house n follow Cik Mala to Cik Aja mil's house (Nur Engagement).

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Bile En. Khairul Azam Berteraphy.. ;-D

Assalamualaikum b. 
Today Wardah, Wana n I had called Atuk, Atuk turned another year. We wish Atuk a
"Happy Birthday, may Allah grant Atuk many more wonderful years, shower Atuk with all the blessings in this life n the hereafter. Amin!"

Today also, Nanny Mala came for joined me for gym. Before that, we olls had lunch @ Restoran Pakcik (at GM), I'm turned back there for take my teraphy have left behind yesterday. ;-P

Yesterday I bought a Pashmina Scaft, Wardah's n Wana's shirt, Wardah's school bag (just broken) n my gym bag.

Today Manis, my aunt n I went to gym on 5 n back home on 7. Manis have got angpow RM500 from her bos today n decided to belanje us makan. So, we ate KFC n MCD for dinner. 

Today, I received whatsapp from U. I'm happy for U my dear. Your bos, Azam n U went to Clarens for unwind from ur hard work. Take time n be strong there ya!

Clarens is an artists haven with many well known artists either living in or frequenting the village, with many art galleries scattered around the village square and the town. The tranquil village ambience combined with scenic views and a mild climate makes has made Clarens a popular getaway for city dwellers from Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Durban, among other places.

Clarens is a small town situated in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains in the Free State province of South Africa and nicknamed the 
"Jewel of the Eastern Free State"

Clarens is known for its spectacular sandstone mountains and wonderful climate, it is one of the most picturesque spots in South Africa and has recently been acclaimed as the best Trout Fishing waters in South Africa.

Ur Mandela shirt! Nice.
Nampak xplastic kat tangan him. That's him teraphy, a red shirt. Pandai gak U teraphy ye. 
I miss this man so much. Start daaaa jiwang wahai Nazura!

Mr. James, tq coz always be supporter, motivator, bos n friend for my lovely hubby. This man among those who the backbone behind the success of my hubby. Last birthday present from him to my hubby is a book. 

That y U will revenge for food after back home here, only this halal food that U can eat n sometime fish o cuisine from chef Azam. 

As wife, for sure I want to give the best for U b. Xbest bile tgk U just makan tu je. But, this is the way God teach us. The way to be more appreciated each other n the truth that marriage is not for U, its for two. I always remember my late mum said that in good or bad, be there for each other, have patient, understanding n respect. Always communicate, n above all, never forget to be silly n just laugh. May Allah bless this union with all the happiness n love we deserve. 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Nur Engagement

Hi my diary, my love n my olls. 
Macam yg I beritahu aritu, my both aunts berkampung @ uma I Sabtu lepas. My aunt nye sil nak bertunang so minta tlg I utk buatkan hantaran. Hmmm. Pandai sgt ke I? I mmg suke n minat buat gubahan n hantaran tapi xla pandaila sangat, kalau yg simple2 okla tapi nak setaraf ngn gubahan Pak Abu xdapat laaa. 

I pun dapat tahu my aunt nak dtg hari Khamis lepas yg dorang nak datang Sabtunye. Percaye x utk 7 dulang hantaran, budget bunge n accessory totalnye xsampai RM100. I tlg belikan ikut budget bakal pengantin n yg paling penting my aunt n sil nye puas hati. Alhamdulillah. 

So, the engagement day is tomorrow n Cik Mala yg akan make upkan. I follow Cik Mala ye Daddy, pagi rasenye coz Cik Mala kene makeup kan so kene dtg awal sikit n Wardah's swimmimg class kne skip lg. 

Today Cik Mala, Manis n me akan pegi gym. 

Semalam bos bagi sume staft halfday so kebetulan sume ade uma, we olls kelua gi teraphy kat GM balik kul 6 coz Wardah nak balik sekolah agama, mlm tu I pg gym ngn Wardah, Manis n Zaty, semalam Manis da join member gak. Yes! So, bertambahla group gym I. Wardah bawa story book n exercise book. So, while I'm workout, she can read n do exercise without Adik to disturb. 

Wardah got tuisyen 1 an hour everyday ngn Teacher Rahimah. ; P

*Note : I heard U also start to teraphy there. ; P Send la picture U gi Clarens. Bole ubat rindu. ;P

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Fun & Seksi Ngan Zumba!

Assalamualaikum b & olls.
Sejak kebelakangan ni (senjak baik demam) I betul2 ikut saranan doctor. 
Sume aktivity sihat I grab including activity shopping. :-) 

Da lame sebenarnye my hubby suh join activity2 sihat ni tapi I ni ade je alasan kalau bende2 memenatkan. But this.. really enjoysss n I sangat2 minat .. 

Fun & Seksi ngan Zumba! 

Selame ni selalu je si sales person die bagi pamphlet tapi xpenahnye nak layan pun but Ahad lepas xpayah tunggu sales person, my aunt ngn I yg cari dorang. ;-). Betul2 sampai atas terus ade sales person die n we olls terus cakap nak tahu ape2 package yg ade n yang penting yg murah. 

After puas hati (xpayah nak bayar process fee n registration fee.. free.. just bayar monthly je) we decide for one year package paid by credit card coz lebih murah compare by cash o debit card. Terus teman my aunt shopping kasut kat Aeon Bukit Tinggi. 

Yang bestnye membership ni bukan utk gym je, honestly xminat sgt n boleh mendatangkan boring. But here at Celebrity Fitness ade macam2 dancing class. U know kan Mr. Khairul Azam yg I nie mmg suke dancing. Hehehe. Xbole masuk disco, so masuk yg halal nye dancinglaa (shy face.. poyos!). Teringat mase kat Nusatek, tiap2 tahun menari.. Hahaha.. Sebelum naik.. malu.. bila da naik pentas xingat ape daaa.. ;-P 
Da lame xdancing n gerak2 badan yg dah keras ni. Dance ni exercise yg sangat best in a way that kite xstress coz sambil dance ade lagu2. So, seronok sangat! 

Yang I dah join is Zumba. Memang bestlaa. Zumba ni care yg menyenangkan utk exercise, ia increase our cardiopulmonary n bile kite da start buat, kite akan rase terus nak layan tau. :-P. 
It's was so fun, it's combined so many dances in one song. Got salsa, tango, samba n etc. Normally based on Latin music. Mase gi tu jgn main2, ade sorang pakcik tau tgh rancak exercise, tergugat den rase wei. Terus semangat, buat malu je kalau mude2 dah pancit. Mude ke ~ ~ ~! 

Mase first time nie. Huhmaagaihhh! Mase nak geleksss tu.. Huahua.. Tapi wat steady je. ;-) Step yg die buat boleh tahan laju nye n pusing satu badan dibuatnye, kalau kasut licin mmg boleh jatuh. Mase dance bole gelak2 coz memang dah pancit.. memang lajuuu. Very energetic! Yg bestnye buat la macam2 mane pun xde sape nak gelak sume jenis support n same2 range je. So, nanti ade macam2 dances lagi, siap my hubby dah bg assignment kene dance bile die balik nanti.. Hahahaha. Okay.. U tunggu la nanti I buat show yer. Jgn U yg xlarat nak tengok sudah.. Hahahaha.  

Basically every session got 45 minutes camtu, cover dlm 10 lagu ade kot, dorang pakai lagu2 yg memang best so I memang enjoysss la. Then, pastu tu bole sambung exercise o sauna o terus mandi. Sume da siap2 ade. Siap hairdryer, body shampoo, hair shampoo n etc.  

My aunt..

Me.. ;-)..

Nak selfie gak. 

Bersemangat pakai ni utk kecikkan pinggang. Hehehe. 

Tq b for this. Memang worth it la ur gift. 

Tq god still gave me breath. 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year

Assalamualaikum Mr. khairul Azam. 
Hi olls.
Hi boss.

I wish olls my Chinese colleagues especially Chiew Wei a 
"Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year". 

Shopping for celebrate Chinese New Year. 
This 10 February we will celebrate with olls staffs n the theme is Red Cheongsam. 

I choose this. 

Yg ni cantik kan tapi xberape nak merah kate Chiew Wei. 

It is okay b? 

Hasil teraphy. Hmmm. Bile da sihat ni, sume jadi sihat. Hehehe. I start cuti dari 30 haribulan sampai 4 haribulan. We will bercuti! Tq bos! 


Friday, 24 January 2014

Let Smile & Happy

Assalamualaikum sume n hello again.

Hi b. 
*Note : Another a month to go. ;-)

Let make one point.. Smile n happy ya u olls coz life is short. What more can I ask for? When u smile, the world will definitely smile with u n that is exactly how I fell today. My heart is smiling n hehehe almost everyday too. Its priceless feeling. Alhamdulillah. Say follow Nasir Bilal Khan sound. ;-)

Wardah's smile.

The title of this posting today has set the tone of my writing n while I'm typing also I can't stop smiling. I woke up to a lovely many misscall n whatsapppps from family n him. Everyone asking for my health condition. Thanks a lot my olls. I'm really appreciated. I woke up feeling very light n easy after spending my night reading "Tia Mia Blog" n woke up feeling super duper happy see my 2 princess hug on me even masyam syikit but really sweet nice. ;-). Again alhamdulillah. I'm here but my heart n soul today are there.. somewhere in South Africa..

 I'm actually just heal from virus fever. Its attack my liver. For me that was normal. But its not normal for them coz before this I'm okay.. can eat n can do anything.. but when Nazura not eat n not enjoy while on picnic! That's was something wrong somewhere. 

So ladies and gentlemen, I have a little story to share with you today.  And here for all of you who has been supporting me while me in easy n hard time. Only god can pay ur kindness. Love3x. And I will pray God bless on u. 

While Wardah's swimming class.

Hi daddy!

Kat muzium.


My pahlawan. 

My lovely sis.

Last Saturday as usual my schedule to send Wardah to swimming class.. go library.. go muzium.. This time felt something not well on me. I started wear the sweater n sock. At night I'm feeling better n can cooked nasi lemak then on Sunday morning we go to FRIM with my aunt, I drove. Arrived.. nothing can I do, only slept at tikar then continue slept at car. I can't to cancel coz pity with them. My sis drove back to my aunt house. Special thanks to my aunt. Really appreciated for what ur kind doing. She force me to stay their house n see my health. After compom me ok, ate medicine.. bath.. can eat.. she gave permission for go back. After back, I thoug I heal but I'm wrong. I became worst. My whole body is sick. Untill my head, that's I can't stand for. So, I went to my favorite clinic as usual.. Clinic Metro. So suprising, doc ask me to take blood test. OMG. This I'm really don't like. The result is quite complicated, I see the docs have discussed in front of me. Then explain at me one by one. I got virus n ask me refer to the hospital. For your info, I never inform my condition since Saturday condition to my hubby, I don't want him to worry. But, I think now for this condition, I must let him know, for make it easy I only use family whattsapp.. easy.. one stop center..

Result from Metro Clinic.


Result from Columbia Hospital.

All ask me go to hospital, I'm quite stubborn ghupenye. ;-) I'm not go. I take rest one day. My hubby keep asking when to go, he really worried n I know if I'm not go, he will not stop asking n asking. So, I went to Columbia Hospital on Tuesday, the result not so bad for me, the doc said the virus is not dengue, but its a command virus n its now attack my liver but its no problem coz he have faced so many cases n its just a command virus. I can back n must take rest n drink a lot water. N now I'm fell better n can do anything as usual. Again n again alhamdulillah. Yesterday, my aunt coming for see me. All boss gave support. Friend also keep support me. The important my sibling not stop to take care of me, Manis on leave 2 days for bring me to hospital n find the crab, Zaty cooked n Adik Gee massage. My hubby is the super duper giant powerfull support me even far from south but the pray energy is really strong n power. Thanks ya u olls. I love u olls the biggest one. 

This both is the reason I'm heal. 

Notty girl.

Dah baik, ape lagi.. Eat.. Eat.. Eat..

Masuk opis, my bos bekalkan homemade spaghetti, then suh I balik after lunch. Tq boss.

This weekend on Saturday also bz, my both aunts will "berkampung" @ my house and on Sunday got Wardah's swimming class n go for gim. Hehehe. Semangat nak sihat.

That's y, I always smile n happy coz I know love is here.. in my heart.. in my world..

Thanks God.