Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Dessert Gallery

Photo: Yabeda bedooo...logo baru dah siap sedia utk berkhidmat...happy happy?...

Hi olls. 
Today nak share this dessert. So creative n delicious one. 
Xle benti bile makan. 

Tq Kak Huda. 
Actually she is some of our metal cap customer. 
Before this my click ask to bring the product for us to try. So, today she bring it for us. 
Serious sgt sedap! 

Some of the product. 


Photo: Mmmm...nyummy nyummylicious....take a break...

Photo: Selamat pagi semua....mmm makan apa pagi ni?...saya pilih cheesy oreo layer pagi ni....mmmmm...nyummy2

Photo: Its Cheesy Oreo Layer timeee...lets everyone!!!...omnomnomnom

Photo: Harini mood party party...yahooo...lets party!!!!

Photo: Tq to my stockist....alhamdulillah moga delivery berjalan lancar...
So, xdapat ape2 komisyen gak but nak share kat u olls yg tersayang. 
Just U olls can follow Kak Huda's facebook at 


instagram : ohhappyjar

Tqvm Kak Huda.

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

U r my life

Hi syg..
As per your request.. 
U r my life, my love n my dream.. My life is so meaningful when U r here b..  
We've been together for 13 years. U r my life b. Can U see my smiling broadly spread over my face. To be a husband n wife is not easy to put it on the right track, as I can say, for me, so far so good. We manage to discuss every single thing in order to make it easier for us n I'm so lucky to get U as my hubby. U never chance since our "zaman bercinta" till now. Still keep calling me everyday even U at south there o here. 
Over okay! Not enough to chat at home.. Elo.. We discuss at home la eh! 

But now I'm so crazy in love with U. Double over! "wink2". When we are apart, the benefit is everything smell nicer. We love the moment when the first time meet every time U back from south there for holiday. 

As wife, for sure I love him to be success n happy in his life. I believe, by giving plenty of praise n encourage U, U will motivate. U become power. N I'm proud to have U! 

Now I'm realized, when we got married, we tend to spend together everywhere but we prefer at home. No more Sunway Pyramid, Midvalley n KLCC, U said wasting time. It's enough for me since he's in front of me safely.  

Yesterday U accompany me to Celebrity Fitness. Hehehe.. It's was so different la b.. I can't workout more.. Hahaha.. Triple over! Then dating at Rimau Maju n eat the tandoori n minum2.. 
My life is great! 

Ole2 from South Africa. A magazine. 
U know well what ur wife love to ya b! 
Thanx b! 

Wana got hers favorite too! 

For Wardah n Wana. 

Daddy bought this for Wardah to bring hers bekal to school! 

Daddy arrived terus gi IKEA for buy Atuk POANG chair. 

So, this girl concur Daddy. 

It has been over a 2 years Wana began her life. 
Even she is still small but she also knows what is love mean to. 

I'm not jealous anymore instead I'm happy to see both of U together laaa.

So I da ade helper to bring my handbeg. 

Adik so happy. 
Mase 1st time nampak Daddy balik, terus terkam. 

As usual.

Kenyang perut senang hati. 

Then otw back to Daddy's hometown we drop by at Nandos Bukit Raja. 

This girl also same, sanggup nak cuti nak amik Daddy nye pasal. 
I'm not agree. 

Wana found this.. Hmmm.. 

We olls sempat gi kenduri kesyukuran dapat baby @ umah Mak Ngah. 

Sempat lagi U curi2 amik pic ni eh b.. 

Otw balik we olls drop by here.. Satay Hut.. 
Mase kat sini my hubby ade bawa Koala Bear dari Autralia sepanjang mase. 
Melekap je. 


Budak merajuk xpuas tido n xnak makan. 

Budak lapar. 


Sleepy Koala Bear. 

Tuan tanah ini belog.. The Demoks.. 

I nye mestila satay ayam XL size. Larat makan 3 pcs. je. 

My dish. Mee Hailam.. Super sedap. Tapi xabis coz banyak sangat portionnye. 

Satay 30 pcs. having there n 30 pcs. take away lagi. 

Nasi Goreng Pataya.. 
So so je..

Nasi Goreng Kampung Cuna nye..


Time to go back! 
Coz esoknye I keje.  

Ape2 pun 
TQ b..